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Новости из "ТУЛМОЗЕРЬЯ"

В Петрозаводске установят памятник Чарльзу Гаскойну.

Где бы Вы посоветовали установить этот памятник?

Маршруты по геологическим и горно-индустриальным памятникам Республики Карелия

With warm wishes of good and great success

With warm wishes of good and great success

Dear colleagues!

2018 is coming to an end. It has been an unexpected and extremely bright year, rich and very fruitful both in terms of events and in terms of new acquaintances. We have been defending the idea of the need to preserve the industrial heritage in our regions for many years already. Experience shows that this is not a hopeless task. Not everything has been smooth, but we have a lot to be proud of!

Time runs inexorably, and current tasks often do not leave us to pay enough attention to our friends and we feel sorry about that. Many of our plans and ideas, which we discussed with enthusiasm, continue to be up in the air. We expect these plans to come true next year, and we are intended to a favorable outcome!